Shadow Theory

The Nature of Shadow: Theory 1

I do not know how I came to be here. All I can say is that I am here now. That is enough.

Deakon, Fellowship Scholar

The Nature of Shadow: Theory 2

The increased appearance of non-terran natives and phenomenon on Earth is proof of the existence of not only other dimensions, but other inhabited dimensions. Such dimensions, long theorized by scientists and exploited by writers of popular fantasy, operate at different vibratory rates of reality, much like the radio signals recently proposed by Tesla, can exist in different bandwidths. Most of the time, the two do not interact at all.

On occasion, the frequencies come into line for short periods, allowing bridges to form between different worlds.

Rarely, there are cases where the vibratory frequencies of these parallel worlds come into synchronous vibration patterns, such that object and even individuals can move between the worlds. Like one train overtaking another on parallel tracks, individuals can move from one world to another.

I believe that we are experiencing a period where another parallel world has come alongside ours. In the next few years, we can expect an increase in sightings, an upswing in new concepts, and even the chance of meeting individuals from alternate worlds. I assume these inhabitants to be like us, products of a similar evolution; and I for one look forward to meeting them.

Dr. Gary Scott, from his recent submission, “The Upcoming Fortean Revolution”, London, 1869

The Nature of Shadow: Theory 3

“There is no Shadow. There is no invasion from another dimension. There are no boogeymen. What we are seeing is paranoia at its finest, our primal fears of the unknown made manifest. What we are really confronting is our own beliefs, brought into being by the strength of those beliefs. These things are pure fantasy, and are not real in any way. They are tricks of our own minds.”

Manfred Murray, Director of Her Majesty’s Department for Extranormal Science and Investigation

The Nature of Shadow: Theory 4

Shadow Theory

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