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The real 19th century was an age of amazing inventions and discoveries—but these accomplishments inspired visions of even greater achievements. Jules Verne’s fictional odysseys and H.G. Wells’ scientific romances took contemporary readers on a journey into the realms of possibility. Charles Babbage and Nikola Tesla proposed new technologies in the Victorian Era as radical as those in fiction, from steam-powered mechanical computers to wireless electric power. All of these men looked ahead to a future transformed by science and engineering.

This wiki is designed to be a collection of tools for running a Shadow Stalkers (or any steampunk campaign). Within its pages you’ll find history, geography, and culture for both the real 19th century and an alternative Age of Steam.

There are templates and NPC stats for character archetypes from the clergyman to the demimondaine, from the native leader to the scientist. For those interested in machinery, there is a collection of wonderful devices based on 19th-century science and engineering, plus a page devoted to weird science.

For those interested in the fantastical lands of the Shadow Stalkers campaign, go here to the gazetteer.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the future past…

Characters will most likely work for or be associated with the Fellowship and know each other through various contacts. Player characters should be built with this idea in mind.

Main Page

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