Recently founded (1871), the Fellowship is a mysterious organization that has a strong sense of both past and future. Aware that this incursion of Shadow is not the first, its members use every available resource, from modern technological advances to ancient magical traditions and ancient tomes to fight the monsters invading their world.

Formed by concerned members of The Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge in direct response to the latest tide of Shadow, they use the flourishing of mathematics, science and technology to attempt to curb the power of Shadow denizens. The Fellowship is a new and secret society not known to the public at large, and kept secret even to most members of the Royal Society.

As a new organization, the Fellowship faces some serious obstacles. At present, it is poorly organized and poorly funded. Whenever its members deal with outsiders, however, they try very hard to give the impression that they are trained professionals representing a powerful and efficient organization, but the truth is usually a different story. Most of its operatives are new recruits with only a handful of encounters with Shadow, at the most, with little experience under their belts. The organization has received several large grants from wealthy patrons (not the least of which is Cecil Rhodes), but its spending is out of control and it has no savings. Its members are equally hampered by poor communication, lack of a clear, unified vision or purpose, and the constant threat of infiltration by Shadow creatures.

It is this last factor that presents the greatest danger to the future of the Fellowship. Torn between competing demands for secrecy and growth, the Fellowship tries to screen all its contacts carefully, but it is very eager for new members and often lets questionable characters through.


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